Friday, January 20, 2012

Male Insight

So the other night I came home from work and Halee was sitting on the floor with a screwdriver taking apart the vacuum. I said "Is there anything I can help you with?" She said "NO!" I then asked "What's wrong" her reply was short and crisp "nothing." Ladies heads up to a guy "Nothing" means "Honey I am very angry with you and I don't want to discuss it right now so leave me alone." So I left her alone normally I would go change my close and watch TV because it normally steams Halee's clams. Tonight was different I changed out of my work cloths into jeans and told Halee that mutual was starting so she got up off the floor and left for the church. Before she left she said " Would you vacuum the floor so Ellie doesn't eat anything." The point is this the vacuum was still in pieces! So I get to put the vacuum together again after asking if I could help 15min. ago with the answer of NO! and vacuum. No problem I've torn this vacuum apart a couple of times and fixed it I can do it again. 45min. later i had two screaming girls two split knuckles and a brand new vacuum for the Walmart. When Halee got home she was in a much better mood and the house was clean and was completely vacuumed. Needles to say she was amazed at what I had gotten done in the hour-and- a-half she was gone. Halee noticed my body language and asked "What's wrong?" my reply..."Nothing."

Abbie 1st Bowling

So its been bad weather no surprise it's winter! So Halee and I didn't want to spend another night sitting around watching kid shows with the Girls. I mean it a man can only watch Mime Duck ( Wonder Pets) so many times before it ''gets serous.'' In my infinite capacity to delegate I notified Halee that it was here job to decide what we were to do that evening that was active not mind numbing. So Halee said we were going bowling! I have to admit that I had a great time not only did I win but the bumpers make it so I never got a gutter ball! In all respect the most fun was watching Abbie bowl by herself, she would have help picking the ball out of the hopper and then she would waddle to the bowling ramp and say" Ready, Steady, Go, Go,Go!" Pretty stinkin' cute. The best part was there was no TV and Abbie no matter what was the best cheerleader for Halee and Myself. If only we all could be genuinely happy for everyone's success, and genuinely compassionate for there hardships.

Crash Bang

Right before Christmas one of the guys wrecked the music truck and trailer. So here's the story. We had a pretty bad wind storm and he was driving back from Nevada. with the wind pushing the Black Truck and the red trailer you have to drive into the wind a little. So when an on coming semi blocked the wind he magically found himself driving into the semi. after correcting his stearing the semi past and the wind blew him off the road. the trailer smacked both sides of the truck and busted the hubs off the right side of the trailer. The trailer is toast, two pianos inside are toast,and the good thing is nobody was hurt, except some pride. We had already bought a new trailer for the Burley store so we still can do moves and deliveries. I guess Randy gets to buy a new trailer earlier than expected. Pictured above is the trailer on a flatbed tow truck

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Abbi has been accident free for 3 days!!!!! Hopefully she has gotten this potty training thing down. We really should thank Abbi's little cousin Kodi. She is Abbi's age and when Abbi saw that she was using the potty, Abbi was suddenly interested in using it herself! Needless to say, Mark and I are pretty excited to have one less set of diapers to buy. :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our little Ellie Mae

Ellie can be a pretty happy baby when she wants to be. She doesn't like to be put down so I end up holding her a lot. But as we are getting our routine down she is getting better. Except for the being put down thing.

Mark says that their cuteness is there defense mechanism. I think she's pretty cute!

I love her smile! Her eyes seems to light up when she does!

Introducing our little Ellie Mae. She was born April 22nd at 6:08 PM. She has a full head of hair just like her sister did. If you put their baby pictures up they look like twins!

Abbi loves her little sister. Everywhere we go she points to the car seat and says "Baby!" and wants to show everyone Ellie. To say the least grocery shopping takes a lot longer than it should simply because I have to show Ellie to people or Abbi would have a melt down.

Abbi was 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was and 18 inches long.
We love having Ellie in our family! I know it took forever to get these pictures up, but with Ellie on more of a schedule, hopefully I will be able to get more up faster!

Abbi's best friend

We don't have any flowers planted in our backyard yet, just some bushes and some roses that were there when we moved in. So Abbi pretty much has the run of it as her "sandbox" and I think she seems happy with that.

And of course Abbi loves having her best friend with her!

Abbi loves our dog Jack. He is a pretty good dog to put up with all that Abbi puts him through!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The "Plan"

Well, yesterday we went to the doctor because we thought my water may have been leaking. I was checked out and there was a hint of it leaking but not nearly enough to warrant going into the hospital. (I didn't really think anything was going on, but Mark wanted to make sure for his own peace of mind) Anyway, since we were in the doctors office we went ahead and scheduled an induction for Friday the 22nd. So if she comes before then great (I personally don't think she will), if she decides to wait, then we go in at 7:30 Friday morning. To say the least I know that both Mark and I are ready for her to come and for this uncomfortable pregnancy to be over! So we'll keep you updated!