Friday, January 20, 2012

Male Insight

So the other night I came home from work and Halee was sitting on the floor with a screwdriver taking apart the vacuum. I said "Is there anything I can help you with?" She said "NO!" I then asked "What's wrong" her reply was short and crisp "nothing." Ladies heads up to a guy "Nothing" means "Honey I am very angry with you and I don't want to discuss it right now so leave me alone." So I left her alone normally I would go change my close and watch TV because it normally steams Halee's clams. Tonight was different I changed out of my work cloths into jeans and told Halee that mutual was starting so she got up off the floor and left for the church. Before she left she said " Would you vacuum the floor so Ellie doesn't eat anything." The point is this the vacuum was still in pieces! So I get to put the vacuum together again after asking if I could help 15min. ago with the answer of NO! and vacuum. No problem I've torn this vacuum apart a couple of times and fixed it I can do it again. 45min. later i had two screaming girls two split knuckles and a brand new vacuum for the Walmart. When Halee got home she was in a much better mood and the house was clean and was completely vacuumed. Needles to say she was amazed at what I had gotten done in the hour-and- a-half she was gone. Halee noticed my body language and asked "What's wrong?" my reply..."Nothing."


Candace said...

HA-haha.. Funny. I am going to try this...our vacuum is on the fritz.